Subject: four questions, May 3
Date: To: planworld Bcc:

  1. What did I do today?

Coffee, yogurt, granola and banana for video brunch with friends. Did the laundry, and went to the garden, where we thinned out our kale plants, and harvested more snap peas and spinach from one of the neighboring beds than we know what to do with. Had a late dinner of grilled cheese (and fresh spinach) and quinoa chickpea salad.

A pile of cleaned spinach.Two bowls of snap peas.

  1. What did I enjoy?

Seeing friendly faces. Pulling snap peas from the community garden. Watching videos on WhatsApp of Jamie's 16 month old nephew -- who lives a short bike ride / infinitely far away.

  1. What did I find difficult?

Writing letters to the Berkeley administration and still getting pretty upset over the lack of respect in this institution that I care about.

  1. What has changed?

The tedious task of cleaning has taken on a different meaning. It has higher stakes; I'm cleaning everything more frequently; it feels more satisfying and regular even as it's also more time-consuming.