Subject: four questions, April 21
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  1. What did I do today?

Emails, a Zoom call on local transit advocacy, more emails. Looked at New York Times recipes for simple delicious-looking things. Cooked eggs and homefries lunch, and picked up dinner (and tomorrow's dinner) at the one-man soul-food place down the street. Talked with Jamie and watched TV.

  1. What did I enjoy?

Empanadas, beer-battered french fries, fried plaintains from Boricua Soul. Deep frying is amazing.

  1. What did I find difficult?

I feel at a loss about what my role is, or even exactly what I want it to be. How can I help? Is what I'm doing useful or not? What do I want to be doing? Why am I not better at what I'm trying to do and why am I choosing those things to try to do?

  1. What has changed?

My mood is so unpredictable. Each day still feels a little random, though I'm on slightly steadier footing. But even within days, my mood can be dramatically different from morning to night. I think I just have to accept that this is how it is for now, and not read to much into feeling aimless or into feeling refreshed. This too shall pass, and all that.

Oh, and I have less hair now. I kinda like it. I think I missed feeling a little weird.

Me, pretty much bald, smiling about it. Labels: diary, covid, 4qs